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The ADEM hotel lock series is elegantly designed with a host of state-of-art security features that will provide a safe and reliable option that meets all your needs and expectations.


Model 737SMFAS 1000-PP-1800

British design. Design is simple, classic and highly privileged

Door handle
U-shape handle is designed to open the door.

Stainless steel or polished gold with PVD coating to avoid the rotten surface and can be keep over five years.

Stainless steels


  1. Easy to clean the hotel locks because PVD coating to ADEM Hotel Locks.

  2. Large capacity of open door lock records inside the locks (828 records).

  3. Able to record the mechanical key open lock record.

  4. Emergency keycard is available.

  5. External Back Up Power Supply.

  6. 'No disturbing' function is provided.

  7. Burglarproof alarm.

  8. Door clock automatic time auditing.

  9. All in one card benefits -  good management for hotel.

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