Husky Sliding 50 & 100

For sliding wood doors up to 50kg and 100kg

  • For medium weight timber, timber framed or composite doors

  • Quiet operation - galvanised steel or aluminium track with nylon rollers

  • Soft stop kit available in single or double kit options (see optional extras)

  • Extra fittings kit required for more than one door (see optional extras)


Versatile and silent, the Husky sliding door system is ideal for creating wardrobe doors and room dividers with one or more timber, timber framed, composite or metal doors at each side. The Husky 50 supports doors of up to 50kg, whilst the Husky 100 supports slightly heavier doors up to 100kg. Optional fitting kits allow additional doors to be fitted to a maximum door width of 1250mm. Kits contain galvanised steel or aluminium tracks, nylon rollers and precision floor guides  to complete this high quality,  low maintenance system.

Husky Folding 25 & 40

for folding interior doors weighing up to 25kg and 40kg

  • Ideal for light weight and medium weight residential folding partitions

  • No guide channel required for 25kg application

  • Concealed fixings offer a minimalistic finish

  • Extra pivots (289B & 289T) required for two doors folding each way, see optional extras

  • Track can be cut to length

The Husky folding door system provides a simple and flexible solution for both light and medium weight residential folding partitions. Designed for timber, timber framed and composite doors, its concealed fixings and robust floor gear allow the partitions to be neatly stacked at one or both sides. The Husky Folding 25 can support doors of up to 25kg and 610mm wide without a floor channel, and the Husky Folding 40 can support doors of up to 40kg and 762mm wide, with a floor channel guide included.

Husky Telescopic

for wooden sliding telescopic doors weighing up to 80kg

  • Allows multiple doors to travel simultaneously

  • Ideal for room dividers

  • Track not included in kit (order codes 280A or 280AN )

  • No visible floor fixings eliminating trip hazards and dust traps

  • *TEL80/SIM allows a 2+2 configuration

For a natural modern or period look, the Husky Telescopic range allows multiple timber doors weighing up to 80kg to become easily stacked sliding partitions. These systems have been designed to be discreet as they require no guide channel meaning that there are no dust traps and make them easier to install across a variety of applications. All doors are linked together via a toothed belt and pully system. By moving the lead door, all of the doors travel simultaneously with minimum friction and noise.

Husky Glass

Husky Glass Clamp Kit for sliding glass doors up to 50kg and 75kg

  • Catering for glass panels of 8mm, 10mm or 12mm thickness in toughened glass

  • Versatile product allowing for face fixed of soffit fixed fitting

  • Additional purpose designed clip on fascia available


Husky Glass is the ideal solution for lightweight glass applications such as office doors and small domestic glass partitions. Its versatility allows the kit to be face fixed or soffit fixed without compromising on the function of the system. The nature of these applications require quality aesthetic finishes and to meet this demand a purpose designed clip on fascia is also available.

Kit consists of two hangers, two glass clamps, two retaining stops and one brushed stainless steel adjustable floor guide. Husky anodised aluminium track sold separately.