MEGAFOLD Exclusive Designed Acoustic Sound Seal Operable Wall

Megafold has over the years established its strong reputation in the design of Operable Walls System with advance technology. The technical operations of Megafold is amongst the most advanced system from Germany and all product specifications are conformed to manufacturer's standard.

The Retractable Top and Bottom Sound Seals System are built within the panels to achieve appropriate sound attenuation and solid stability.

MEGAFOLD Mage Seal - Acounstic Sound Seal System

Megafold provides the following advantages to suit the ever changing needs of your interior requirements.

  • Allowance of interior flexibility that creates space within space. Therefore it elimates the problem if interior spacing.

  • No Bottom Track is required. Complete with Top and Bottom retractable Sound Seal System.

  • High quality with Superior Performance and is very easy to operation.

  • Providing high Acoustic attenuation of STC40 - 50 average.

  • Toruble free operation with minimum maintenance.


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