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VingCard Allure

VingCard Allure is a highly innovative electronic locking solution with a unique, flexible design and more features than ever before available in a locking system. The refined, contemporary and intuitive concept and technology was created with the elegant designer in mind.


Based on VingCard’s RFID locking platform, Allure consists of a variety of wall panels, giving designers freedom of choice with a state of the art design-centric hardware and software solution. Allure integrates VingCard’s most advanced contactless locking solutions into its interior electronics, including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) compatible locking technology, as well as full compatibility with the Visionline online solution.


With ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Mobile Access you can also open your hotel room using your cellphone as a key.


  • Ideal for:  New Construction

  • Smart Solution with a large series of panels

  • Mobile Access compatibleRF Online capability (wireless)Power over Ethernet Online capability (wired)

  • 3 outputs for interfacing with room management systems (guest and staff entry events)

  • Customized wall panels (hotel logo, pictures, illustration, different light colors etc.)

  • Offers multiple product integrations such as Access/DND/MUR/Doorbell/ Signage /Integrations/Mobile access 

VingCard Essence

VingCard Essence revolutionizes the electronic lock industry by housing all lock components, including the reader, inside the door and therefore, reaching the maximum minimalistic expression, the true essence of an electronic lock.


  • Ideal for: New Construction

  • Mobile Access compatible

  • RF Online capability (wireless)

  • Minimalistic design due to electronics inside the door

  • RFID reader with improved reading distance

  • Provides a wide range of design options for handles

VingCard Signature


With Signature RFID you are provided with a stylish and modern lock that appeals to the modern environment. Signature RFID is less on the door while more in terms of functionality for you and your users.


  • Ideal for:  New Construction/ Retrofits and new installations

  • Provides a wide range of design options for handles

  • Mobile Access compatible

  • RF Online capability (wireless)

  • Power over Ethernet Online capability (wired)

VingCard Classic RFID

Classic RFID offers the latest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and the quickest path to go contactless if you currently have standard Classic VingCard electronic locks installed. 


  • Ideal for:  Retrofits/Upgrades of old magnetic stripe

  • Classic locks to a modern platform 

  • Mobile Access compatibleRF

  • Online capability (wireless)RFID reader technology no moving reader parts and less maintenance